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Fairytile hanger

Fairytile hanger

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To hang the Fairytile on the wall you can use this tile hanger. The hanger has a glue layer, which means that this can be easily adhered to the back of a tile.

For instructions, scroll down. 


Diameter: 40 mm

    • Make sure there is no dust on the back of the tile. Use a clean brush or blow the possible dust away. Don’t make the tile wet.
    • Lay the ceramic tile face down on a towel to protect it from getting scratched.
    • To make sure that you adhere the hanger in the middle of the tile it’s recommended to measure the correct spot.

      Use a pencil and make a small mark on 5,3 cm from the left side and 5,3 cm from the top. Do this also on the right side of the tile.

    • Peal away the sticker of the tile hanger and place it -with the hook on top- exactly between the two pencil marks.

    • Press the hanger firmly against the back of the tile, make sure they are well seated. 

    • Wait 2 hours before hanging the tile on the wall. 

    • Pound a small finish nail into the wall at a steep angle and hang your Fairytile; enjoy!


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