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While the year is slowly coming to an end, I can share some great news with you. What exactly a year ago started as an idea has now become reality;  'my trash barrier' was placed in a river in Bali.

Thanks to everyone who bought a limited edition of my painting of the little seahorse, together with Sungai Watch we could make it happen.
The original painting is called 'Message in a bottle', with a little seahorse trapped in a plastic bottle.
In a subtle way it shows the problem of plastic pollution. But I wanted to do more and reached out to Sungai Watch to see if I could sponsor a trash barrier for one year. I made 25 limited editions of this painting available and 75% of their selling price (a total amount of USD 6000,-) was donated to this non profit cleanup organization. 

If you take a closer look at the photos you can see an image of my painting on the barrier. The 'little seahorse' not only became an important messenger, but it will actually also prevent plastic from drifting into the ocean. I’m really thankful that, through my work, I’m able to make the world a little bit cleaner, better and even more beautiful...


If you want to see the barrier for yourself, here are the coordinates 8°35'04.1"S 115°12'27.7"E



MARCH 2023

For my painting ‘Message in a bottle' I got inspired by a video of Sungai Watch, that showed the terrible plastic pollution in Indonesia. And although plastic pollution is a known problem, still I was shocked by the images that I saw in the video. So much plastic, drifting daily to the ocean… 

But non profit cleanup organization Sungai Watch is trying to turn the tables. 
By placing trash barriers in rivers they collect plastic and prevent it from drifting into the ocean. And they are not only collecting it, Sungai Watch also sort it out, make clear which materials pollute the water and they turn trash into new products… In my opinion Sungai Watch definitely make a difference to our beautiful planet.

When I saw the video of Sungai Watch it immediately put my mind in action. In a subtle way I want to show the problem of plastic pollution with my work.
It turned out in the painting with the little seahorse trapped in a plastic bottle. I hope that this little messenger will open up many people's eyes and raise more awareness to this problem. 

Then I thought about more ways that my painting could really help against plastic pollution. Therefore, I’ve worked something out...

The original painting is already sold, but I decided to make limited editions available. Just like all of my limited editions, there are only 25 copies in the same size as the original painting (30x30 cm).
The price for this limited edition is € 295,- and 75% of this amount will be donated to Sungai Watch. This means, when all 25 copies are sold it will be enough to sponsor a large trash barrier, including the daily collection of trash for one year.

So, If you purchase a limited edition of ‘Message in a bottle’, you will not only become the owner of one of 25 copies.
You will also make it possible to collect at least 1500 kg of plastic and prevent it from drifting into the ocean! 
In return I’ll also sent you pictures of the sponsored barrier and a quarterly report, documenting how much plastic was collected and sorted thanks to the sponsored barrier.

Together we can make the world a little bit cleaner, better and even more beautiful…




My original painting ‘Wanderlust’ is already sold, but now there are also limited editions available. 
There are only 25 copies in the same size as the original painting (25x16 cm). 
I have personally signed them and they come with a certificate of authenticity.
If you are interested, this limited edition is only available on the website of 25LMTD for a special price of € 195,-




I would like to share some amazing news with you… At this moment my ‘Multicultural' installation is part of the 'Birds in Art' exhibition in the Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, USA. It’s amazing to see it on display in such a beautiful museum. I feel blessed that 'Multicultural' is part of this exhibition, that my work was used for the invitation and also to see how the Museum integrated my work in their kids education program. But it became even better… The Woodson Art Museum decided to add my whole installation to their permanent collection. Amazing isn’t it!


A question I already got was if the ‘Multicultural' project will now come to an end. Well, the answer is no. In the past years many ‘Multicultural' birds spread their wings and left the ‘skyscraper'. They took flight to many places on earth. From Japan to Alaska. With them they spread the story that they are part of a multicultural society. A society that I had imagined by colored birds, from all kind of countries and in all individual tonalities. They live together in perfect harmony. It is an idealized image, a utopian world and it would be nice if the world will look like this. That we all live together in perfect harmony, with respect for each other.

And when a bird moved out and a birdhouse came for rent, a new bird could move in. Not the same birds. Because just like you and me and every body else is unique, also each bird stayed unique. 


I really like the idea that so many birds had now found such a welcome home and a permanent place to live. Now people can enjoy all 40 houses. And in my opinion it is the most impressive way. At a glance you can see the story behind it and by reading only the title, almost no explanation is needed.


But the birdhouses are part of my 'Multicultural project’ and because of this, it is possible that I will make new birdhouses in the future.

On this way the story will continue and the important message behind it will be spread over the world. But this will be something for the future… I now enjoy the beautiful thought a flock of birds found a safe place to roost. 




Eight of my limited editions are on their way to Taiwan. The reason for this is a new collaboration with ARTrigin Art Gallery.  
ARTrigin isn’t just another art gallery. Their main core is sustainability. They cooperate with artist who are concerned with society or environmental issues. They feel connected with my work and asked for a collaboration.
I really like their different way of thinking, their goals and the way they try to reach them. It ended up in a collaboration. In September (1-15) ARTrigin will first show my limited editions at 'ESG ART SHOW' in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). 
In the beginning of next year also a few of my original paintings will go to Taiwan for upcoming Art events. What a nice thought that ARTrigin will connect my work with a new audience and my work will be used to draw attention to social, environmental and human rights issues.



APRIL 2022

My painting ‘Protection’ pays attention to the terrible situation in Ukraine.

Because several people asked me if there will become a limited edition of this painting, I decided to make it available.

But I found it also a nice thought when this painting really can help the innocent victims of this war.

Therefore, 50% of the proceeds of every limited edition will be donated to the International Red Cross. The donations will help this humanitarian organization to provide water, food, shelter and medical supplies to those who need it most, both in Ukraine and bordering countries. Click on above image for more information



January 2020

There is still a lot to do (especially on the outside) but after a long period of construction work I could finally move in and enjoy this fantastic place to live. 
My new atelier/gallery is in the back of the house. There is enough space to show my work, the light comes from all sides through the upper windows, and the roof is so high that it’s perfect to make large paintings. Soon I will officially start working here. The blank canvas is already on the easel…



December 2018

Many people ask me how everything is going with my new studio/gallery/house. So here is a little update.It is surrounded by a typical Dutch landscape with green meadows and grazing cows and sheep. To blend in the landscape, the architecture is inspired by a Dutch farmhouse with modern elements and a lot of glass. My new studio is build like a typical hay barrack. These constructions were very common in the Netherlands and were/are used for storing hay on a farm. On the outside the building is almost finished, on the inside there’s still a lot to do. So it will take some time before I can work and live on this beautiful place. Probably next summer…; I can hardly wait :)



December 2018

The ARTCARD collection of my work is extended. Now there are also cards available of the whole Delfts blue serie and the painting ‘Enervated’. Besides, there is a XL card of ‘Gracious’ (size 27 x 14,8 cm).

You can order the cards in my webshop (click on above image)



December 2017

Maybe this is a very strange picture, but it makes me very happy. Because this will become my new place to work.
After a long time of preparations, the building is finally started. It will take a while before I can start painting in this new atelier. But in the end of next year, I hope to work overhere and enjoy the wide view over a typical Dutch landscape. I’m really looking forward to it…



November 2017

Art By Nature Magazine is an online magazine, dedicated to creativity and inspired in any way or form by nature. The new edition (number 7) of this nice and interesting magazine enclose an article about me and my work. You’ll find it on page 6-10, but as you will see the magazine has much more interesting content. Thanks to Tessa Valk-Jasperse, founder and editor of the magazine.



November 2017

DREAMSCAPES is a traveling contemporary art exhibition, organized by Imaginary Realism, that starts of in Austria and will travel on to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It’s the biggest exhibition for contemporary imaginary realism. More than 250 contemporary artworks from internationally known artists are shown at this 6th edition of the DREAMSCAPES exhibition. Also some of my paintings will be exhibited.

Along with the exhibition comes the beautiful new edition of the DREAMSCAPES Artbook with portfolios from all participating artists. I’m very proud that my work is included and even more that my painting ‘Burning desire’ is on the cover of this amazing book!

Hard cover
size: 30 x 28 cm 
Printed on 170 grams silk paper
Price: € 50,-



May 2017

It was a very busy weekend at the art event ‘Huntenkunst' in Ulft The Netherlands. But I’m looking back on some very nice days with lots of visitors, many interest in my work and lots of pleasant talks.
For those who brought a visit, thanks again. It was really nice meeting you.



March 2016

This month you can find an interview about my work in AROUND Magazine 어라운드. AROUND is published in Korea and is one of the top magazines covering lifestyle and information about dining, travel, art and culture all around world. I’m very proud that my work is featured on no less than 14 pages in this stylish magazine.
Unfortunately the article is only written in Korean (they are working on an English translation), but as you can see the layout looks great.



May 18-20, 2024


Atelier / Gallery Marcel Witte

Kousweg 8


The Netherlands



The gallery / studio is open by appointment only
Click on the icon below to contact Marcel Witte


Kousweg 8

The Netherlands

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