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An authentically tiled wall with Fairytiles 

            DELFTS BLUE 

Delftware or Delft Blue is a type of earthenware with cobalt blue decorations. The city of Delft in the Netherlands was the major centre of production. It started at the end of the 16th century as a

lower-cost alternative for the blue and white Chinese porcelain. In the beginning the Delft potters were mainly copying the Oriental decorations of the imported goods. Later on the earthenware became typically adorned with scenes of Dutch life. In a short period of time the Delftware became very popular and the most flourishing period of production was between 1650 and 1750. In that period there were dozens of pottery factories in Delft, specialized in plates, vases and other utensils. After 1876 also the construction earthenware started to flourish. An example of this are the tile panels which were used for wall coatings. In the beginning these tile panels were used on walls to keep out moisture. Later on they were mainly served as decoration.
Nowadays almost all Delft pottery factories disappeared. But the characteristic blue and white earthenware is still loved all over the world and inseparably connected with the Netherlands.



Inspired by the Delft blue tiles, artist Marcel Witte made a serie of four small paintings (14 x 14 cm): 'Believe in Magic', 'Explorer', 'Spot on' and 'Tantalization'.
All these paintings have typical Dutch scenes, but then with a little twist. Faithful to his artistic concept, the artist tells a story, featuring a realistic painted, life-size animal. Therefore the works are often referred to as a contemporary visual fable.

To bring back the idea to its origin, Marcel decided to make real tiles of his four Delft Blue paintings. This by using modern techniques, but in a traditional way. It became the 'Fairytile'; an original work of art to set on a shelf, to hang on the wall or to make a authentically tiled wall.


The four painting which are inspired by the Delfts blue tiles: 'Tantalization', 'Explorer', 'Spot on' and 'Believe in magic'


The tiles have a size of 14.8 x 14.8 cm and are almost identical to the size of the original paintings. Each ‘Fairytile’ is artisanally made by silk-screening company Wickerhoff in the Netherlands. They are baked in an oven. Due to the high temperature the image burns down into the glaze of the tiles. This makes them resistant to heat, water, UV and cleaning products. 


The tiles Fresh out of the oven  |  Fairytile 'Tantalization' with Certificate of Authenticity



To place the ‘Fairytile’, Marcel also developed a special holder. With this holder the tile stands firmly and by its pure design and transparent appearance all attention remains to the work of art. In addition, it’s also possible to hang the tile with a tile hanger on the wall.


The Delft blue 'Fairytile' comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which is personally signed by Marcel. In addition, each tile is numbered, signed and checked by the artist.

Fairytile ‘Spot on' in a specially designed holder

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