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MY PRECIOUS 4 | acrylics on canvas | 25x14 cm

Life is full of beautiful and extraordinary moments. But sometimes life is just painful.

To commemorate these precious milestones, artist Marcel Witte designed the two projects: ‘TREASURE’ and ‘MY PRECIOUS’.  

Both projects contain paintings with a personal touch.  Faithful to his artistic concept, the artist tells a story, featuring a realistic painted, life-size animal. The works are often referred to as visual fables. 


Some people cross your path and ask for a lasting memory. A ring is a symbol of fellowship. The round shape is a worldwide symbol of unity. Therefore love is often sealed with a ring. 


The paintings of the project ‘My Precious’ show personal rings, combined with an animal. 

All the canvases are unique pieces, made to order for special occasions, like a marriage, a present for a special friend or in memory of our loved ones. 

MY PRECIOUS 1 | acrylics on canvas | 10x10 cm

MY PRECIOUS 2 | acrylics on canvas | 13,5x13,5 cm



The art of life is to know how to enjoy while wondering and wandering around, collecting experiences. 

That’s exactly the spirit of the project ‘Treasure’. On the canvases a small treasure box is depicted, as a symbol for collecting precious memories. The key of the treasury is guarded by an animal.  


Each painting is unique and commissioned. It’s an exclusive present for special occasions like a birth. The canvas comes with a small box with a poem in it and with the key, depicted on the painting.

TREASURE 1 | acrylics on canvas | 24x18 cm




The paintings of both projects are only made by commission. 

You can consult Marcel Witte about preferences regarding the background colour, the size of the canvas and the animal. However, the painted animal is always depicted life size.

For the project ‘My Precious’, Marcel needs detailed pictures of the desired rings, in order to paint them as realistic as possible.   



If you’re interested in a personal painting, feel free to contact Marcel and ask for the possibilities: 

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