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For my painting ‘Message in a bottle' I got inspired by a video of Sungai Watch, that showed the terrible plastic pollution in Indonesia. And although plastic pollution is a known problem, still I was shocked by the images that I saw in the video...


Sungai Watch is a non profit cleanup organization and they are trying to turn the tables. By placing special trash barriers in rivers they collect plastic and prevent it from drifting into the ocean. 
But they are not only collecting it, Sungai Watch also sort it out, make clear which materials pollute the water and they turn trash into new products… In my opinion Sungai Watch definitely make a difference to our beautiful planet.


When I saw the video of Sungai Watch it immediately put my mind in action. In a subtle way I want to show the problem of plastic pollution with my work. 
It turned out in the painting with the little seahorse trapped in a plastic bottle. I hope that this little messenger will open up many people's eyes and raise more awareness to this problem. 


Then I thought about more ways that my painting could really help against plastic pollution. Therefore, I reached out to Sungai Watch to see if I could sponsor a trash barrier for one year.I made 25 limited editions of this painting available and 75% of their selling price (a total amount of USD 6000,-) was donated to this non profit cleanup organization. 


In the beginning of 2024 the sponsored 'Trash barrier' has been placed in a river in Bali, Indonesia. For one year it will daily collect plastic and prevent it from drifting into the ocean. It’s a nice thought that the 'little seahorse' not only became an important messenger, but it will actually also prevent plastic from drifting into the ocean. 

I’m really thankful that, through my work, I’m able to make the world a little bit cleaner, better and even more beautiful…

If you want to see the barrier for yourself, here are the coordinates 8°35'04.1"S 115°12'27.7"E

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