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Uithoorn, The Netherlands, 1974 


Dutch artist Marcel Witte is a visual storyteller. He uses his paintings to criticize the contemporary society on a subtle way. By painting nearly life size animals in an empty, monochrome background he strikes a balance between realism and fantasy.

Marcel started his career as a professional artist in 2003. By choosing Hyperrealism, he makes no concessions to current art trends 

Highly technically skilled and with a perfect eye for detail, he paints nearly life size animals. Not in their natural habitat, but against a monochromatic background, which seems to be swept. This creates a tension, which never leaves the spectator indifferent. But Marcel also wants to strengthen the message that he conveys with each painting. Only the elements that have a function and contribute to the story are shown. In addition, the animals in Marcel’s paintings have something human about them. 

By transforming human features into animals, the paintings confront the viewer, but at the same time they create enough distance to put your own human thoughts and deeds into perspective. 

Humor and reflections of politics and social issues; there is always a hidden message in the painting.

The narrative nature of his paintings and a message that is ’told’ by animal figures, makes that Marcel’s work can be seen as a visual fable


Marcel Witte’s paintings receive national and international appreciation and are shown worldwide. His works have been purchased by an American museum and are found in collection in Europe, Asia and America.

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